June 2016 Newsletter

Chicago Expands One Summer Jobs Program to Reach Nearly 30,000 Youth


On May 20th, Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced more than 3,000 additional youth jobs will be offered under his One Summer Chicago youth employment initiative thanks to an investment by Emerson Collective. The expansion means the program will offer a record 30,000 jobs this summer – more than double the number of summer jobs the city offered when Mayor Emanuel took office.


June Updates: Writing Tips, Dads, and Heroes

mfm1From the Blog:
A Few Tips on Writing About People

Good writers can tell a story.  Great writers make sure you’re invested in the characters in the story. You’re cheering for them, understand their flaws, and love them anyway.  In memoir or personal narrative, the characters in the story are not only you, but also the people around you. You need to do them justice in your story, just as well as you are trying to portray your own ideas and personal plotline. Here are a few tips on writing about people.
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